Customized AI Chatbots

Your customers deserve a better AI chatbot

Instantly resolve issues, enhance team efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction with AI-powered chatbots and automation solutions.

Resolve 50% of your support inquiries immediately.

Introducing Fin, our groundbreaking AI chatbot. Powered by state-of-the-art AI language models, Fin effortlessly resolves customer issues by providing safe, accurate, and conversational answers derived exclusively from your support content.

Significantly decrease your support ticket volume.
With Fin, over 50% of your customer inquiries can be resolved instantly and accurately, freeing up your team to engage in more high-value conversations.
A trustworthy AI chatbot.
Fin is equipped with built-in safeguards to ensure that it provides answers based solely on your support content. Additionally, the Fin conversations inbox allows your team to monitor all of Fin's responses.
Get started in just minutes.
Simply point it to your content—whether it's Intercom Articles, Zendesk Help Center, or any public URL—and activate it. No training, no configuration, no need for new bot paths.
Have control over when you want it, and switch to human assistance when needed.
Enhance Fin with Custom Answers for critical questions. For all other inquiries, Fin seamlessly transfers conversations to your support team.

Automate repetitive tasks at scale using our visual automation builder.

Create powerful automations for customers and teammates effortlessly using our no-code building blocks, including bots, triggers, conditions, rules, and Fin.

No code needed

Deploy workflows that automate away manual tasks—such as routing, snoozing, and closing out conversations.

Powerful and flexible

Workflows are deeply customizable so you can build personalized journeys that deliver real value for your customers.

Get a head start

Leverage dozens of pre-built templates for popular use cases—from support triage to customer onboarding and CSAT.

Reach customers wherever they are, any time of day

Leverage the power of the Intercom platform across channels, borders, and apps.
Connect with your customers wherever they are—from web to WhatsApp.
Detect a customer’s language and trigger custom-language automations across 43 languages.
Integrate the tools you use everyday with over 400 pre-built apps in our app store.
Add customer data such as order history or billing data to conversations with our robust APIs.