Deliver web apps with confidence

The web development framework for building the future
Works at any scale
Angular is a scalable framework that allows you to start small and supports your team as your apps grow.
Loved by millions
Become part of the millions of developers building with Angular in a supportive community.
Build for everyone
Use Angular's internationalization, security, and accessibility tools to build for a global audience.

Any app size

Start quickly

Start small with confidence, knowing that Angular’s tools will support your apps as they grow.

Enterprise capable

Angular’s opinionated platform supports you and your team as your apps grow, enabling you to build scalable, testable, and high-performing user interfaces.

Predictable releases

Angular’s predictable release schedule and update tools allow you to keep your app current with the latest advancements in the framework and web platform.

A great community

Community resources

The global Angular community is comprised of many local organizations.

Education resources

The Angular community provides books, workshops, and formal training to help you get started.

Development resources

The Angular community and team provide resources for all stages of your development.